WEBINAR: International Trends in Carbon Pricing

Organized By: India GHG Program
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Presenter: Tom Kerr , Lead Climate Policy Officer, International Finance Corp., the World Bank Group

The recorded webinar is now available here.

It is widely agreed that carbon pricing is a critical tool to address climate change. Momentum is building across various regions to put in place carbon pricing schemes. 40 countries and more than 20 cities, states and provinces use various carbon pricing mechanisms such as emissions trading systems and carbon taxes.

Many companies already operate in countries with carbon pricing and use shadow carbon pricing in their planning, decision-making and investments. What does this mean for businesses or the private sector – and how can progressive corporations globally drive climate stewardship?

To learn more, please join the webinar hosted by the India GHG Program on Wednesday, July 30th, 5:30 to 6:30 pm (IST), with Mr. Tom Kerr, the Lead Climate Policy Officer for the International Finance Corp., the World Bank Group. 

As you may already know the World Bank Group (WBG) is leading a high-profile effort to enlist wide-ranging, global business support for the statement "Putting a price on carbon", which will be showcased at the UN Secretary-General's Climate Summit in September this year. Climate conscious Indian companies are encouraged to express their support for the statement here, joining a growing global coalition of first movers to put a price on carbon.

The webinar discussion will be an exchange of perspectives on how businesses and governments can best work together to address climate change through putting a price on carbon. Tom Kerr will present the latest information on leadership by governments around the world that are implementing policies to put a price on carbon. The discussion will conclude by reflecting on the UN Secretary General's Climate Summit, exploring how this Carbon Pricing initiative can have maximum impact by gathering wide-ranging public/private support for putting a price on carbon.

More information on: http://www.worldbank.org/en/programs/pricing-carbon


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Start Time: July 30 , 2014 05:30 PM