Program Overview

The India GHG Program acts as a ‘Center of Excellence’ by disseminating regional, sectoral and global best practices to create a culture of inventorisation and benchmarking of GHG emissions in India. To accomplish this, the primary objective of the India GHG Program will be to build institutional capabilities in Indian businesses and organizations. The India GHG Program brings together internationally recognized GHG accounting and measurement tools and methodologies that serve to create a key platform that facilitates national level benchmarking of GHG emissions and incentivises and rewards sustainable business initiatives. India GHG Program seeks a multi-stakeholder approach through effective representation of stakeholders (such as other industry associations, sector associations, ministries and government agencies, civil society organisations, and experts) in promoting a standardised approach to GHG accounting.

Indian businesses recognise the incentives of sustainable business practices but are challenged by a lack of uniformity in GHG measurement guidelines and a national benchmarking system. The lack of clear policy and regulatory directives, limited access to clean technology, absence of methods for footprinting data and inadequate institutional capacity act as constraints on the ability of middle managerial level business leaders to manage and measure GHG emissions. The India GHG Program will address the needs and expectations of industry in building capacity to mitigate economic, social and environmental risks while helping businesses remain profitable, competitive and sustainable. 

The program offers a unique threefold proposition – expertise and recognition from three renowned organisations - WRI India, TERI and CII. It is a voluntary and flexible program influenced by and aligned to business expectations as compared to others that have a clearly defined agenda and methodology. It offers a value proposition to businesses in incorporating mitigation of carbon related risks into the overall business strategy – starting with capacity building, measurement and management of GHG Emissions, reporting and target setting, identifying reduction opportunities and ending with exploration of further avenues in carbon neutrality. The India GHG Program offers businesses public visibility and specialised incentives through improved efficiency and profitability. The India GHG Program also offers businesses opportunities to engage with industry, sectorial and regional peers on a single platform and access to policy makers and civil society to initiate dialog on actions businesses take and challenges they face in reducing GHG emissions.