Calculation Tools

Calculating emissions is a multi-step process. An accurate and useful inventory can only be developed after careful attention to quality control issues and to the activity data required. Only then should emissions be estimated. The India GHG Program is based on and specifically recommends refering to GHG Protocol’s Corporate Standard for guidance on the entire inventory development process.

The GHG Protocol set of tools, (recommended for use by the India GHG Program) - enable companies to develop comprehensive and reliable inventories of their GHG emissions. Each tool reflects best practice methods that have been extensively tested by industry experts. Every tool is comprised of an Excel workbook and a PDF guidance document. Each PDF provides step-by-step guidance on the use of a tool and should be consulted first. Most companies will need to apply more than one tool to cover their emissions.

There are different resources for navigating the GHG Protocol tools:

  • Sector toolsets: Provide sector and industry-specific toolkits with more detailed guidance on what tools to use for development of a more complete GHG inventory.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: List of the most frequently asked questions regarding using GHG Protocol tools.