Policy Brief

July 23, 2014
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Setting the Scene for Corporate Engagement in the Evolving Climate Policy Context in India

Policy Brief (March - 2014)

The India GHG Program hosted a Policy Roundtable on February 3, 2014 that saw participation of representatives from the Government (MoEF, BEE, MNRE, Dot, AAI & MoF) and corporates to facilitate exchange of information on the nuances of international and domestic policy environment and create a platform for sharing of experiences, expectations and reflections by corporates on their role in furthering national and international action on climate change. The Roundtable marked the launch of a series of focused issue-based policy engagements by the Program. 

The Policy Brief puts in to perspective, key discussions at the Roundtable exploring opportunities for creating synergies between business goals and policy aspirations in the country.