GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance: Electricity Procurement

The Scope 2 Guidance standardizes how corporations measure emissions from purchased or acquired electricity, steam, heat, and cooling (called “scope 2 emissions”).The practices explained in the Scope 2 Guidance are now required for companies that wish to comply with the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. The guidance includes:

  • New requirements for accounting for emissions from energy contracts and instruments (such as renewable energy credits) in GHG inventories
  • Eight Scope 2 Quality Criteria that all contractual instruments must meet in order to be a reliable data source for the scope 2 market-based method
  • Recommendations for transparently disclosing information about energy purchases
  • Eleven short case studies to illustrate the benefits of the new requirements

The Scope 2 Guidance offers much needed clarity on how corporations measure emissions from electricity and other types of energy purchases.

Credit: World Resources Institute