Climate Finance Policy Roundtable - Excerpt from Session 1

The India GHG Program's Policy Roundtable was a succesful platform where businesses, policy makers and financial instituions deliberated on Climate Finance. The following video is an exerpt from Session 1 on Key Hightlights from CO21.The discussions touched upon the following points - 

  • Ambition, Equity, Technology, Finance, Transparency  
  • COP 21: Did it Deliver visà-vis the Businesses’ Expectations? 

The agenda can be found below. 


Session 1 :  Key Highlights From COP 21

Mr Ravi S Prasad, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (tbc) 
Dr Prodipto Ghosh, Distinguished Fellow, TERI 
Ms Rajshree Ray, Additional Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance  
Mr Saurabh Diddi, Energy Economist, BEE 
Mr Samir Ashta, Director Finance and Chief Financial Officer, CLP India Pvt Ltd 
Mr Santanu Roy, GM (Corporate Planning), GAIL