Iron and Steel

Please first consult the PDF documents for advice on the use of the corresponding spreadsheets. General guidance on developing an inventory can be found in the Corporate Standard.

The Iron and Steel tool provides two different methods for calculating CO2 emissions. One method requires data on the quantities of reducing agents and blast furnace additives used, as well as the quantities of the carbonate fluxes introduced into the furnace. The alternative method requires data on the amount of iron or steel produced, as well as of the carbonate fluxes. The emissions calculation from either method can be adjusted to account for the export of carbon-bearing byproducts.

Iron and Steel plants have other greenhouse gas sources, such as the fuels used in energy production. All sources that are typically associated with an Iron and Steel plant are listed below. Please note that the tools listed below are only meant as a guide; some companies may have emissions not listed and may need to see the complete listing of tools to accurately develop their GHG inventory.